Strategy #3: Buyer and Web Design Services Saudi Arabia

Strategy #3: Buyer and Web Design Services Saudi Arabia

You are probably familiar with buyer personas. This is a character that represents your target audience. It takes into consideration the user’s goals, desires, and limitations that guide purchasing decisions.

Similarly, a website should have a design persona that represents your brand. It should mirror how you want others to see you. Our old corporate persona did not represent us. It was formal and lacked emotion.

An appealing website that evokes emotion makes a lasting impression. It will stand out among the competition and be remembered when it is time for your web visitors to make a purchase.

In his book Emotional Design, Don Norman describes the importance of creating an emotional experience and why “attractive things work better.”

User experience designer Aarron Walter describes in his book: Designing for Emotion how emotional experiences make a profound imprint on our long-term memory and creates “an experience for users that makes them feel like there’s a person, not a machine, at the other end of the connection”.

A personal connection is essential if you want people to commit to you.
As Sabina Idler sums it up in her article: Building Emotion Into Your Website

“Emotions give us positive experiences, making us happier and giving us better recall.”

With this in mind, we focused these three areas to define web persona:

  1. Traits:
    What makes our brand personality unique? We created a list of traits that best described our brand. Friendly and humorous fit us better than sophisticated and formal.
  2. Voice:
    The tone of voice should reflect our personality traits. Since our brand is light and humorous, we needed to use a less formal tone and a bit of wit in our copy and messages.
  3. Visual
    What character or image embodies our personality traits? We did not want this character to be a mascot but knew that a visual representation would personalize our brand so our audience could relate better to it.

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