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website security management

If your website IP has been blacklisted by a spam database like the SpamHaus project, then your reputation has been harmed. Impact: Emails that originate from your website will likely not be delivered to the recipient. For example, new Website members who sign up will probably not receive any passwords or welcome email you send if it originates from your blacklisted website IP address.


What is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing is a way to communicate on your mobile phone by sending and receiving plain text messages. Other terms for text messaging include SMS (which stands forShort Message Service), texting, and mobile messaging.A short code is a number to which an SMS or text message can be sent. A short code is usually 5 or 6 digits making it easier to remember than a standard 11-digit UK mobile phonnumber.Your customers will text your chosen keyword to a short code in order to subscribe to yourcampaigns.Over 95% of phones are able to receive and send text messages. Most customers have unlimited text plans and will not have to pay to opt-in to your list or...

Text SMS Marketing For Local Businesses

Malafaat Provide Text SMS Marketing For Local Businesses in Middle East and GCC such as ( Saudi Arabia , Bahrain , Kuwait , Qatar , UAE )

Mobile text message marketing has arrived for the small business owner and is growingfaster than any other advertising medium.Mobile phone usage in the Middle East and GCC has grown massively over the last few years with most people now owning one. According to the Mobile Data Association, in 2009 the Middle East sent an average of 265 million text messages and 1.6 million picture messages daily. Over the whole of 2009,96.8 billion text messages were sent. And according to Of com, there are over 76.8 million mobile phone subscriptions in the GCC and Middle East (more than...
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