2020 Marketing Tricks

Either you’re looking for for Outdoor Marketing on Internet Marketing you should be aware what Budget you have keepit for your Business..

Working on Marketing 2020 with Companies in Egypt is not that easy because every year the difficulty of Competitors gain more Budgets and Money because they are aware that you joined the club of Advertising.. 


Malafaat  decided to provide a several options for clients who are trying to reach direct clients.. 

So you can try one of our Marketing Tactics during 2019-2020  

Below are some examples of marketing tactics:

  • Sending emails to existing customers and targeted consumers.
  • Reaching customers and prospects through social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Exhibiting in trade shows. Attending trade shows may also be a marketing tactic.
  • Grass-roots efforts such as speaking at industry association events or the chamber of commerce.
  • Placing adverts on billboards, TV, radio, online, or in print.
  • Publish targeted articles. A well-written article can bring in many leads. Bear in mind, however, that articles take much longer to bear fruit than, for example, adverts.
  • Club and Association Memberships can introduce several marketing tactics into your networking activities. You can have, for example, special business cards that you hand out at different functions. There might be a message on the business card inviting the reader to visit a specific page on the company’s website.
  • SMS Marketing you can find out the Best Bulk SMS Marketing Campaigns by clicking here



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