Your identity is one of the most important parts of your business and our creative team will ensure that it is your professional image that sets you above the rest.

A well thought logo and corporate identity serves as a visual reminder of a company’s promise to consumers during the sales and other key decision-making processes.

At Malafaat we design we help you to increase customer remembrance by designing logos and corporate identity that will help you to convert your business into familiar name.

We Build Your Brand Identity in a Unique Style Branding plays a vital role in your business success. In fact, branding has the power to determine your business success. A solid brand foundation can turn any business from downward to upward slope in a matter of seconds. According to David Ogilvy,” a brand is defined as an indentifying mark.” Thus, a brand is not only the foundation of your business but it also captures the attention of your targeted customers. We are offering a wide variety of logo design services in Saudi Arabia for your instant brand identity development and recognition. Our special logo design services for your corporate identity development include:

  • Logo design (2 or 3 options) – A logo is a unique graphic sign, symbol or mark that can be used for corporate identity development.
  • Letterhead – It is a piece of paper that has a unique company logo, phone number and address. A letterhead can be used for brand awareness.
  • Envelope (2 or 3 Size) – It is a unique packaging product which can be used to contain invitation cards, letters and other items.
  • Business Card – A business card contains the contact information that can be used for business promotion.
  • Payment Voucher/Receipt Voucher – These are documents which can be used for monetary transactions of goods and services.
  • Brand Indoor Signs – These can be made available in a variety of forms and styles for your corporate identity development, including wall graphics, dimensional signs, carved signs and transparent prints.
  • Documents Folder – It is designed creatively and used for brand recognition.
  • Flyer (Max A4 Size) – It has unique design and look to help boost your corporate identity.

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