Customized USB Flash Memory with Logo

Custom USB Flash Memory in Bahrain | Promotional USB Flash Memories with Logo

Malafaat Offers New Arrival Gifts & Promotional Gift Ideas for regular and Customized USB Flash Memory in Bahrain.

Custom USB Flash Drives Imprinted with your Logo

Custom USB Flash Drives Imprinted with your Logo in Bahrain

Custom USB Flash Drives Imprinted with your Logo in Bahrain

Screen printing, or serigraphy, previously known as silk-screening is a printing technique that traditionally creates a sharp-edged image using a stencil and a porous fabric. In brief, the screen is made from porous finely woven fabric held over a frame. Areas of the screen are obscured with a non-permeable stencil which is a positive of the image to be printed (the remaining open areas are where the ink will appear). When printing multi-color logos, a new stencil is made for each color and the different colors printed sequentially. Screen printing is most suitable for logos with 1-4 colors that have no shading or color gradation.

Before printing, inks are custom mixed to match the Pantone ® color references denoted on the Virtual Proof.

Why Choose Malafaat to print the Customized USB Flash Memory
Malafaat oven fires printed metallic components before product assembly to ensure maximum print durability while screen printing on plastic products always give excellent print adhesion. We have an in-house screen print department to ensure your logo is printed to the highest standards by experienced screen print technicians.

Embossing is a branding method which results in your logo being impressed into the leather material of the product and gives a striking 3D effect. A metal ‘die’ representing the logo is forced into the surface of the material at high pressure and temperature. When the die is removed an impression of the logo remains embedded in the material. This technique is most suitable for simple and relatively large logos which do not have a high degree of fine detail. Our highly skilled embossing technicians ensure that your logo is displayed to the highest possible standards.

Available now in Bahrain and Bahrain and you can make request for another country and shipment will be charged to the client.

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