Drive Targeted Clients to your Business

Drive Targeted Clients to your Business

In Malafaat We do our best to support your business with online Marketing, by offering a very special Solution for Online AD with Google Ranking system.

Malafaat Team has the best solution to market your business online and put you in level of big competitors in a week, without going for Google Official ADS, but through Our Google Ranking system.

What we will do for you:

  1. placing an AD on website about your business
  2. highlighting some keywords to drive clients from Google Search engine through to your business
  3. once we accept your AD on our website we will not give this services for customer who are in the same business and we will not accept new inquiries from another Competitors with your business Category.

How it Works and process. 

Malafaat offers this services for Annual Contract for cost of 20000SAR a year only, please see some samples of Our Google Ranking System.

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Events Marketing Saudi Arabia

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Reasons Your Business Should Not Advertise on Google AdWords

  • Your economics are not as good as your competitors

  • AdWords determines which ads show up for a given search, based on an auction between advertisers. To overly simplify this, if you bid $1 and ten other advertisers bid $2-$10 each, it is unlikely you will get any clicks on Google.

    If your competitors sell the exact same product or service that you do, but make two times the margin on every sale, they will be able to outbid you for plum searches. This means that you will either not get any clicks, or only get clicks on keywords that your competitors don’t want. This generally means AdWords will neither be scalable nor profitable for you.


  • You don’t have the right conversion funnel

    Having a great product and a terrible web site is like spending millions of dollars on an awesome Super Bowl ad but leaving the doors locked at your store when customers show up. Success with AdWords requires a great conversion funnel. The ad text, the page a consumer lands on and the checkout or form submission experience needs to give that consumer confidence that you are the right merchant for their needs.

  • You don’t understand search engine marketing

    Search engine marketing is easy to do but hard to do well. If your plan is to check out a how-to book on AdWords from the library and then launch your AdWords campaign, you will likely cost yourself a lot of money.

    There are many, many nuances to running an effective AdWords program. If you don’t have someone on your team (or an agency) with years of expertise, you are almost guaranteed to lose a lot of money advertising on Google.

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