Marketing Solutions Company In Cairo -Egypt

marketing solutions that stand out!
malafaat marketing solutions offers full-service business development & marketing packages that make your company stand out!
– Representation at key local events and trade shows
– Distribution of client marketing materials
– Weekly visits with potential new clients
– Follow up with inactive client list
– Develop business opportunities in cooperation with company staff
– Develop client relationships for future opportunities
– Facilitate company brand and reputation
– Provide community feedback
– Seek business development opportunities in new territories


what we do
At Malafaat marketing solutions , we showcase your firm by positioning your name in front of your target audiences. You’ve heard it often said, “It’s a numbers game.” That statement holds true in the world of marketing and business development. The more people that hear about your services, the greater the chances are of gaining new
clients. That’s why Malafaat attends several key events and visits more potential clients, one on one, in an effort to build relationships and promote your brand. In this non-stop world of instant information, you need to be at the right place at the right time, with the best marketing materials available to capture and retain the attention of your audience.

Relationships matter. Building relationships allows people to discover WHO you are in addition to WHAT you do. Because when people see your human side, they connect more deeply to your business. We work directly with your potential clients, building those relationships that lead to new business for your company

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