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If your website IP has been blacklisted by a spam database like the SpamHaus project, then your reputation has been harmed. Impact: Emails that originate from your website will likely not be delivered to the recipient. For example, new Website members who sign up will probably not receive any passwords or welcome email you send if it originates from your blacklisted website IP address.

As another example: If your website public IP address has been banned by a country’s firewall or by a network – for example the Great Firewall of China, then your IP address reputation has been damaged. Cloud providers have been battling the country censors for several years now because, when providing a cloud firewall or content delivery network, they aggregate thousands of websites behind a single IP address. A website controversial in a particular country hides behind a content delivery network and if the Chinese want to block their citizen’s access to that website, they may prevent them from accessing that IP address. The result is that every other website behind that IP is also blocked.

Malafaat is highly recommends the websites owners to secure their websites avoiding the blacklist issues and attackers.

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Malafaat Offering a bundle of website security solutions in order to protect your websites, we have supported many clients in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain , UAE , Qatar , Kuwait with Website Security management and SSL certificates and Online Security Products 

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